Carburetor rebuilding

3sucarbsAt Classic Jaguar we are constantly rebuilding carburetors for people all over the world. As with any component rebuilt by CJ, you can expect the finished product to be at least as good as new – and invariably better. Far more goes into a Team CJ carb rebuild than you might imagine.

At Classic Jaguar we renew (as a matter of course) a great many parts that others would leave in service. We use all new screws, clips, dashpot dampers, floats, banjo fittings, valves, gaskets, jets, butterflies, springs and seals. Mating surfaces are milled to the flattest possible finish. Aluminium surfaces are highly polished while fuel rails and throttle linkages are painstakingly plated in brilliant clear Nickel. The finished results are truly spectacular.

Approximate rebuilding costs


The cost of rebuilding carburetors, whether SU, Zenith Stromberg or Weber, is approximately 3 hours per carb (shop rate currently $105.00 per hour). Add 2 hours if the carbs are supplied on the intake manifold and are to be reinstalled following the rebuild. With parts, polishing and plating, a show quality triple SU set up as shown above will cost around $2,500. A purely mechanical rebuild where limited cosmetic preparation is required would cost around $2,000. A full rebuild on a twin set of Stromberg carbs is typically around $1,500.

For more information please email us at or call us toll free on 1-877-PARTJAG (1-877-727-8524) to discuss your needs. Turn around on carburetor rebuilds is generally a week to 10 days.